Justice Reinvestment Act - The Legislation

Justice Reinvestment bill signingNorth Carolina's Justice Reinvestment Act represents the most significant change to the state's criminal sentencing laws since the Structured Sentencing Act was implemented in 1994.  It is a data-driven bipartisan approach to criminal justice policy. The Justice Reinvestment Act is designed to help manage the growth of the prison population by creating better outcomes for offenders through targeted programming and treatment to reduce recidivism.

Ratified by the NC General Assembly and signed by Governor Bev Perdue in June 2011, the Justice Reinvestment Act is codified as House Bill 642 / Session Law 2011-192.  Subsequent changes and technical corrections to the bill were made in House Bill 335.    Please review both of these bills together to get a full understanding of the Justice Reinvestment Act.

A concise summary of the legislation was published in the July 2011 edition of Correction News

The legislative fiscal note for HB 642 explains the expected fiscal impact of the new legislation to the state budget.